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    Re: Editable Lesson Plan Templates

    Originally posted by Aragorn View Post
    I'm interested. :-)

    Also, how many subjects do you cover per day for your oldest homeschool student, with only 4 days a week? Thanks.
    Okay, I'll work on getting them up today :-)

    While I do school 4 days/week, I still have the same number of school days as I would if I schooled 5 days/week (180). They are just spread out over more of the year, and we get less of a break in the summer. I prefer that because it makes my week easier, and I don't like a large break in the summer that fosters forgetfulness ;-) I still have my schedules done in blocks of 5 though, because it's just easier to do it that way (they mesh nicely with my MP schedules). I just number the days instead of going by the week and day of the week.

    I would say that she does most subjects on any given day, which is true for all of my students. I don't like doing subjects only one day/week like MP schedules some subjects (like science). In my experience, that overwhelms the student on the one day they are doing that subject, and they forget a lot before they get back to that subject again. I prefer to break them up so that the student is doing less on more days of the week.
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      Re: Editable Lesson Plan Templates

      Originally posted by Mom2mthj View Post
      I remember being served very good food at Sodalitas last year, but I don't think you want to eat this particular MP offering ;-)
      Could have been a delectable cake made to look like lesson plans.
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        Re: Editable Lesson Plan Templates

        Originally posted by Cheryl in CA View Post
        I made my own templates using Word. I have the full version of Adobe Acrobat (you can buy it as a teacher for a discounted price), but I much prefer working in Word and converting to pdf if I want to share it. The lesson plans I posted for science can be downloaded and converted to a Word template, or just downloaded and used as a template by copying it or opening it and choosing "save as." I believe I saved one of the lesson plans as a template (leaving the boxes and text in it so I could just change the text). I can post that if anyone is interested.
        Hi Cheryl,

        I'm interested, if you don't mind. DS is straddling two levels(7/8). Having everything in one planner would make the school year much simpler. Thank you!


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          A post from yesterday inspired me to re-look at the editable lesson plans.

          Quick question....this mama loves her checkboxes. Is there a way to insert a checkbox into these schedules? Is there a way to edit the box height size (some days lit takes up a lot of space, but not every week)? I don't mind buying the program mentioned upstream if needed to make these changes.

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            Cheryl in CA I would love to see your record plan, if you don't mind. I like the MP guide but there are definitely areas I would like to have more personalized. And next year we'll be adding another child to the official daily plan. In our state we also have to track time for each subject, and I would like to have a better system than I currently have.


              You guys keep asking questions I can't answer. Once again, I went to IT about the editable plans, and this is the response:

              She can get checkboxes by using the "wingdings" font (I think standard on every computer). The checkbox is the "q" button but she would have to copy/paste that from Word or Notepad; Adobe Reader doesn't give you the option to change fonts.

              As for editing the box height size, we can't make that possible for her without InDesign. We had to set the box sizes, so we just across the board made them identical.

              I hope this helps, Christine! I'm starting to feel totally incompetent. This is the third post I've had to get help with today!