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    Rod and staff 1math

    I am thinking about using memoria press 1st grade math lesson plans with my k dd this fall. Can someone tell me about the differences in the new and older editions. Which do you like better and why?

    Re: Rod and staff 1math

    Hello there! Welcome!

    Reading your question, I think you mean the different editions of Rod and Staff that is how I will answer. I can't think of any difference in edition of the MP lesson plans, so correct me if this is not what you are asking.

    The change of editions that Rod and Staff did several years ago occurred for their entire math series, and was not really about differences in content. They updated the appearance of all the books, made the instructions more clear, and changed some of the internal graphics. They have always had a very traditional approach to teaching math, and that did not change. The biggest difference I can remember with first grade is they changed the concept they used to illustrate addition. In the previous edition they used a pond idea, with ducks that were either inside the pond or outside the pond to demonstrate addition and subtraction. The newer edition uses dominoes to demonstrate addition concepts instead of the ducks.

    You really can't go wrong with either, as the basic material is the same. When I switched from one to the other I did not notice any difference that would cause me to say I liked one over the other. I have a tendency to think though that they chose to update it because they felt the changes were valuable, so if I had to choose, I would simply stick with the newer edition. I would also check with MP as to whether the current lesson plans will work with the older edition.

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      Re: Rod and staff 1math

      Another difference, and the one that made me switch editions, was how they introduced place value. The first edition used farm animals pig, sheep, cow etc. (I can't be sure these are the exact animals used, but you get the idea.) Anyway, this was due to the agrarian audience being taught. Everyone knows you feed the pig first, then the sheep then the cows, so it was easy to equate pigs to ones place, sheep to tens and cows to hundreds. Students could easily remember how to assign place value to a number and which place had to be written first.

      Of course, being a city girl, it was harder making this easy for my city students to remember. Luckily in the second edition Rod and Staff switched the Farm animals for crayons and boxes.

      Michelle T
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        Re: Rod and staff 1math

        I really appreciate the crayons in boxes and have made a big deal about this with my Ker this year, using the language of "1 box of ten and 5 ones," etc. right from the beginning. Fourth child is getting a great education because mama bear is finally figuring out how to teach properly.
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          Re: Rod and staff 1math

          Thanks you all this has really helped. I think I will use the 3rd edition and the k plans next year.