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schedule Americah Studies reading in 6M

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    schedule Americah Studies reading in 6M

    (first: thank you all so much for helping me get on track to start 6M next week!)

    I am looking over my 6M curriculum manual, and the American Studies chapters are all listed on Monday. I am wondering if you tend to have the child do the readings in one sitting on Monday, or space them out? We can also play it by ear. It doesn't look like the total amount of reading is onerous (this child can read well) but I want to encourage focus & retention (he also tends to skim).

    thank you!
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    Re: schedule Americah Studies reading in 6M

    For the American Studies books I don't follow the plans at all. We just buy the set of books and they are assigned "free reading" before the end of the year. Flexible here, obviously!
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      Re: schedule Americah Studies reading in 6M

      I am more loosey-goosey, much like Jessica. I started out assigning the reading to be finished at some point during the week as a sort of free reading - not all on Monday. However, my little stinker (can I call her a little stinker if she's 12?) would "forget" to read that and would fall back on her favorite non-school-related reads.

      I then began to assign assign a chapter or two each day, which worked well until her illness began to prevent her from reading. Now I'm reading a chapter or two during read-aloud time, which is working well.

      Are you getting the idea that you're free to decide how you'd like to handle those readings? *LOL!*

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        Re: schedule Americah Studies reading in 6M

        I ask my dd to read a chapter or two a day until they are finished for the week. Yes, there is much freedom here.
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          Re: schedule Americah Studies reading in 6M

          I had to divide the chapters throughout the week for my son, usually a couple a day. We tried the whole freedom thing and he would wait until the very last minute at the very end of that school week..every single week.

          My daughter on the other hand, doesn't ever stop. She reads the WHOLE book in a day or two.

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            Re: schedule Americah Studies reading in 6M

            okay, we won't fuss. But we won't give freedom either!!! The child would _never_ do these voluntarily. I'll probably try to get him to finish them on Mondays so we don't forget.

            thank you!!!
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