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  • Jan in KY
    I've decided not to use it yet with my boys...

    Hi Rachel,

    We also use WTM and have used LC 1 & 2 with great success. I bought Traditional Logic 1 this year for my rising 6th and 7th grade boys, but after reviewing it I've decided not to jump into it full force with them yet. The material is doable for them, but I don't want to make learning logic a chore for them. What I plan to do this year is to slowly introduce the material in TL 1 to familiarize them with the vocablulary and concepts, then start the book from the beginning once they're comfortable with the concepts and I feel like they really understand them. We may start the curriculum mid-year, or we may not start until next year. I know (from experience with my older children) that if I wait until they're ready to delve into it, the material will be learned very easily. If I try to use a book just because they're the right age chronologically it can be very frustrating for all of us!

    I'm planning on using the entire Logic sequence that Memoria Press is developing (thank you, Martin!) and then go on to Rhetoric when they're finished. I think they'll be much better prepared if I wait for Rhetoric until 11th or 12th grade. I'm expecting that the first couple Logic books will take most, if not all of a school year, but that the subsequent books will be finished in one sememster.

    I hope my ramblings have given you some helpful info. Be sure to post the same question on the WTM message board for more input!


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  • Anonymous
    started a topic Logic question....

    Logic question....

    I want to use Memoria Press' logic books. What age have your children started using these books? Dd is in 5th grade and reads on a 12th grade level. We are following the Well Trained Mind meathod, which suggests starting formal logic in 6th grade. These logic books recommend to strart 7th grade and up. and Material Logic is recomended for 9th grade and up. If we stick to TWTM schedule, she will be in Rhetoric stage by 9th grade.

    My question is, is this logic series to complex for a 6th, 7th, 8th grader?
    and How have you progressed through the series? Is it possible to use all 6 books in the series, in a span of 3 years?

    Any information would be useful.

    Thank you,