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    First form final

    My son is trying to study for his final exam for first form. He didn't finish the book last year. There is no study lesson for the final so I have made some copies of the vocabulary section of the final for him to practice. The problem that I am seeing is that any of the verbs with irregular principal parts do not have enough room to write it all out. The first four pages of the exam have plenty of room, but the vocab in two columns is not sufficient for him to write out the longer answers legibility. Any suggestions? Also, how long do you expect the final to take? At seven pages it is quite daunting.


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    Re: First form final

    Dorinda, Here are a few ideas:

    Could you administer the test a few pages at a time or even a single page a day? Or in two parts: pp.1-4 and then 5-7?

    As for irregular principal parts, could you have him circle them on the test itself but then write those out on another sheet? It would show that he knew which they were and still provide plenty of room to put all four parts down.
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