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Read Aloud Set or Science and Enrichment Set?

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    Read Aloud Set or Science and Enrichment Set?

    If you could only purchase 1 of these sets, which would you choose? Next year will be our second year with MP, and I'll have a 1st grader and a 2nd grader. We aren't doing Enrichment this year, and are just reading aloud from our own collection. But we live overseas and are already getting tired of the books we brought (a whole suitcase!) even though it's only been a few months. Turns out we used the library more than we thought. Anyway, I have room in the budget next year for cores 1 and 2, and hopefully either an Enrichment or a read aloud set. But which to choose?? Who can help a book loving Mama out?

    Re: Read Aloud Set or Science and Enrichment Set?

    My vote is for the read alouds. They anchor the week of literature and enrichment study, whereas the science books fill it out. It's easier to find info online about the topics in the science set than it is to find beautiful read again and again picture books. This is our first year to own to K and 2nd grade book sets and it's been amazing! I wish I'd bought them sooner.

    Oh, and the science books could be purchased in a following year or sent to you later as a gift from grandparents or family. They are wonderful to have, but I'd start with the picture books.
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      Re: Read Aloud Set or Science and Enrichment Set?

      Absolutely the read-alouds!

      This year I splurged on the supplementary science set and, while the books are really well done, I have to say that the read-alouds are our favorites. As Jessica said, they really round out the week and we use the science as filler when we have time (I lump the science books in with enrichment - nice to have when we have time but not an absolute necessity).

      FYI: I have purchased supplementary books both through MP and I have found them at other places like Half Price Books or online at Abe Books, Alibris and Amazon. You can snag used copies in good condition quite cheaply and I have a list (both online & a hard copy in my purse) of books the kids will need for the following year so that if I find a used copy, I can buy it ahead of time. That online list happens to be at so that relatives can purchase books as gifts for birthdays and holidays.

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