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    Birth Announcement!

    Morning friends!

    Our John Taylor was born last Monday, 10/17. He is healthy and sweet, and our whole family couldn't be happier.

    Click image for larger version

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    Another MP Student is coming up!

    A side note: Because at times I can be an overachiever, we started lessons up again Monday. We are far enough in the year to "feel the groove" and the kids know how to follow their manuals, so throwing school back into the day has gone so well! Now if anyone has tips for 3 1/2 year old twin boys who self-initiated the potty training and are so horrible at it, spill the beans. They are consuming so much time back and forth from the bathroom! So, maybe, some words of encouragment in patience for a few weeks would do nicely as well.

    Off to update my signature,
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    Re: Birth Announcement!

    Congratulations! What wonderful news. You definitely are a dedicated mom to start classes again so soon. Enjoy your new blessing. 👶
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      Re: Birth Announcement!

      Congratulations! You have a beautiful family


        Re: Birth Announcement!


        Praise God from Whom all blessings flow,
        Praise Him all creatures here below,
        Praise Him ye heavenly host,
        Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

        So glad you are all well! Thanks for sharing, and hugs to you!
        Breathing fully now, I bet!

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          Re: Birth Announcement!

          What a wonderful new blessing in the world!

          All the best to you and your beautiful family 😃
          My boys: JR, Riley, and Jack
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            Re: Birth Announcement!

            SQUEEEE!! He is SO cute!

            Your family is just gorgeous. May God grant you many happy years! <3

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              Re: Birth Announcement!

              Congrats! I love the photos! Enjoy the baby And good luck with potty-training boys....!
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                Re: Birth Announcement!

                Congratulations, what a blessing!

                Michelle T


                  Re: Birth Announcement!

                  Congratulations! Beautiful baby.

                  As for twin boys and potty training, may I suggest trees in the back yard? Not sure how close your neighbors are...
                  (ETA- I should mention we have twin boys... and twin girl nieces).
                  Bean. Long time MP user. Almost retired homeschool mom and university faculty/ librarian. Teaching a "Children's Lit for Educators" class this semester!

                  I apologize in advance for my typos and grammatical mishaps.

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                    Re: Birth Announcement!

                    Wonderful!...Your family is very beautiful!...Congratulations to you on the birth of your gorgeous little one :-)

                    Homeschooling two boys
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                      Re: Birth Announcement!

                      How wonderful! Congratulations

                      Re. potty training, I hope your twins catch on quickly! I am knee deep in the trenches of potty training right now (4 yo with ASD and a 15 month old who has figured out she can remove clothes and nappy and wants to out do her brother) so I sympathise...can't imagine doing all that with a newborn too!

                      Blessings to you and your beautiful family!

                      Aussies from Sydney, Australia
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                        Re: Birth Announcement!

                        Look at Little Mister! So sweet! Enjoy him and the rest of your darling munchkins. It goes by so quickly. Congratulations!
                        “If I should fall even a thousand times a day, a thousand times, with peaceful repentance, I will say immediately, Nunc Coepi, ‘Now, I begin.’.”

                        ~Venerable Bruno Lanteri
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                          Re: Birth Announcement!

                          Thank you for sharing this happy news! My boys were enchanted with little John Taylor! Congratulations, and praise to God, for the safe delivery of this new person.

                          I am wishing you luck with the potty training weeks, and sending a prayer up for the boys' success and your own peace & patience. what timing!
                          Ana, mama to
                          ds A, 15 yo
                          ds N, 10 yo


                            Re: Birth Announcement!

                            Congrats on your new blessing!


                              Re: Birth Announcement!

                              Congratulations, Crystal! Your entire family is beautiful!