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    Leaf/Tree Posters

    JodiSue's Insect Posters thread inspired an idea in me, Thanks JodiSue!
    My husband is very excited for our children to study trees. He has said several times he wishes he could identify them. My oldest is just entering 5th this year, so it will be a couple years before we get to Trees. My husband has a birthday coming up and I would like to get a Leaf ID poster. Has anyone found a good one? I looked around a little, but I'm not really sure if one is better than another.
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    Re: Leaf/Tree Posters

    We have visited a few parks and nature interpretive centers in the US and sometimes they have free posters of local birds/trees/wildlife. We have brought a few home to Canada. You may want to try your local wildlife federation or even the United states department of agriculture - forest service. I think they sometimes publish various posters. I just looked on their website and they have 2 beautiful posters on bees and a couple on grasses and forbs. I think they are free, you just need to pay for shipping. I can post the link, if I can figure out person here.

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