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Where do I continue with 5 year old....

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    Where do I continue with 5 year old....

    I have a 4th grader, a second grader and a kindergartner (and a 2 1/2 yr old dd). We started Prima Latina last year and have been doing LC1 this year. My oldest is doing very well. My son, the second grader is doing well also, but struggles a little with translating the noun-verb sentences. My 5 yr old dd has been following along and understands conjugating verbs, and how to translate, but she is much slower (of course). My question is where do I go in the fall with her? I know my oldest will be fine with LC2 and my son should be as well. But I don't think the youngest will be able to follow. Do I repeat PL or LC1 or do I let her do the best she can with LC2? I have a 2 1/2 yr old dd also, and she listens in on our Latin also. Do we let osmosis teach the younger ones? Or do we teach two separate lessons of Latin? I am at a loss. Is there much repetition in LC2, where I can only teach her the vocabulary and continue practicing conjugating and translating simple sentences? I have not looked at the LC2 too much, but I do see it is much more involved.
    Anyone have advice or sample schedules for how to reteach the little sponges in the house? I am sure I'll really have an interesting time with the toddler when she can recite the declensions at 4 yrs of age!! Maybe I'll have my oldest do Latin with her when the time comes!!
    Thanks for your help!

    I would just allow her to continue alongside the rest of you, focusing her attention on learning the vocabulary and forms. If she picks up on the grammar, great -- if not, she'll get it eventually. I wouldn't fret too much either if the sheer quantity of vocabulary begins to become unwieldy for her. I would fully *expect* to repeat LC2 with her in another year or two, so whatever she does alongside her older siblings now will make that repetition much, much easier. It sounds like she is already doing remarkably well given her age, and that's wonderful.

    She might also enjoy reading Minimus (from Cambridge) as a special treat. There's not much grammar, and the vocabulary overlap isn't huge, but it's easy to follow and she will find many things that she already knows. It's a cute program, and while I think PL/LC is much more effective for actually *learning* Latin, this may be something fun for all of your kids and especially for her as her older siblings move into much more complex grammar and translation work.