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What Latin to do next?

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    What Latin to do next?

    Have 8th grade ds with non-Latin trained mother. We are just finishing Latina Christiana I. Yep --- We started it in 5th grade but have moved so slowly (all right, we actually stopped doing it several years in a row. It was last on my list of importance, and we didn't get around to it).

    However ... we have been faithful this year with working on it. And we have been mastering it. What should we do next?

    Latina Christiana 2 would be the natural next step.


      Why is LC II the next step?

      Other than the fact that LC II follows LC I.

      Are there reasons that we should not move on to Henle? Would the info in LC II be necessary before moving on to Henle? Are you thinking Henle is beyond us, or LC II would be more our speed since we haven't proved ourselves faithful to LC I?


        Henle is a big step up, and I think it's helpful for the student to have the grounding that LC2 provides before tackling it. That said, Henle is a high school text that assumes no previous Latin, so by 9th grade it is certainly an option, but I'd hesitate to recommend it whoteheartedly if the parent has no background in Latin.

        Have you seen the MP Latin progression chart?

        It sounds like the first scenario fits your family situation.



          LC2 is much harder than LC 1!

          We were amazed at how much more challenging LC2 is. We are taking LC2 much, much slower (probably over 2 years) than we did LC1.
          I already bought the Henle book to do in the next few years , and even having taken Latin myself in high school, I wouldn't attempt Henle with my children without LC2.

          Hope this helps.