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The Twenty-one Balloons

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    The Twenty-one Balloons

    We just finished The Twenty-one Balloons and just have to say how much we enjoyed it! I'd never heard of it before and wasn't sure if we wanted to do it, but I'm so glad that we did! I can't believe that it's not more popular. Anyway, if anyone is on the fence, let me give you a push off ;-)
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    Re: The Twenty-one Balloons

    We've been doing this as a bedtime read-aloud and are loving it too. Tonight's the last few pages -- I feel a little wistful as I've sure enjoyed my time on Krakatoa.... : )
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      Re: The Twenty-one Balloons

      I read it for the first time myself a few years ago and had been saving it as a literature extra for next summer. However, after reading your post, I'm beginning to think we should read it for pleasure this summer and then consider still doing it as a literature selection (complete with workbook!) next summer. It really is such a cool book!

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