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Preschool or Jr K for a 3 year old?

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    Preschool or Jr K for a 3 year old?

    My daughter will be 3 July 31st. I plan to start our year August 29th. As of now, she can sing her ABCs, knows all the basic shapes, knows all the basic colors, can identify around 30 animals and their sounds, and loves reading. We've worked very little on tracing but the time I did have her try it, she got the concept and traced a few letters for me. Only thing is, she can't identify individual letters except for W, M, I, and Y.

    In addition to that recommendation, how can I prepare her over the summer for her first year of preschool?

    Re: Preschool or Jr K for a 3 year old?

    Good morning! It sounds like what you are doing with your daughter is already providing her with a great foundation, and I would not feel the need to build that up too much. Is she your oldest? Because I do remember that time of having your whole day revolved around very small people - and needing to fill time!

    A great way to do that with a three year old is the Preschool program. It provides a lot of great suggestions for books to read, activities to do, and discussions to have with your child that will give you a bit more direction if that is what you are seeking.

    I would not worry about trying to go into JrK already. These young years are so filled with leaps of growth, followed by slow backslides, too. One week they seem totally into school, and the next week they don't remember anything of what you talked about the week before, or no longer have the ability to sit still.

    Be patient. Keep the long-term picture in mind. Good placement is not just about academic ability, but it is also about emotional maturity, which can be a lot harder to peg. It also doesn't rear its head as a problem until much later down the road.

    MP is a rigorous, challenging program, and does not need to be jumped into too early. I have always been impressed with the age-appropriateness of each stage of the curriculum, even in all the later years. So I would trust that age recommendations for each of the program they offer...especially these early ones.

    Like I said, sounds like you are already doing a great job of helping your daughter learn well, and MP can provide a nice plan to help that continue next year.

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      Re: Preschool or Jr K for a 3 year old?

      I agree that JrK would be best saved for next 4 year-old loved it at that age and it was very appropriate. Very wise Mamas here advised me not to rush

      Might I give you a 3rd option? Special Needs Level B is designed for children operating at the 3-4 year old level. I used it this year with my 3 year-old twins who are not SN and they loved it! We didn't do everything because as Sarah said, sometimes they were just not interested. It gave me something intentional to do with them, though, and especially my girl twin loved having her own school to do with her big sister. If you don't want to do the whole program, the R&S workbooks would be fun for your child to do when she wants something to work on.

      The Preschool program is wonderful and we loved it as well...just providing food for thought.
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        Re: Preschool or Jr K for a 3 year old?

        I was going to say Level B Simply Classical too. My son was 4 in November started it a few months ago. We bought a pre K program from somewhere else last summer and it was too much. He's really catching on to knowing his letters and numbers now. We don't follow the lesson plans strictly but checking off things as we do it. Even his coloring is coming along. He loves the letter crafts.


          Re: Preschool or Jr K for a 3 year old?

          I started MP Preschool with my DD when she was 2 1/2 and it has been a delightful year! (I'm actually spreading it over 2 years because she has a December birthday and I don't want to start JrK until she is 4 1/2 based on advice given here). She was ahead in many of the skills but it has been a gentle and fun introduction to homeschooling for both of us. Her favorite part is the recitation (They came very easily for her and I mistakenly thought we needed to memorize all the morning prayers so we have a jump on JrK, but that's fine). She is so proud to be able to say them and I love that we are filling her heart and brain with old fashioned prayers and psalms. The books and activities are great and provide me with a lot of accountability. For instance, last week we did some painting projects that I might not have bothered with if I hadn't had a plan with boxes I wanted to check off ... But that were a joy for both of us.
          On days when she has asked for more weve spent a little extra time on letter recognition and sounds, added a craft or printed out free theme tracing pages to match the book selections.

          She is an only child and it has been a beautiful way to add fun and gentle learning to our day. I would highly recommend it!

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