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3A Literature scheduling

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    3A Literature scheduling

    I'm in the process of organizing all our materials for 3A (exciting)! I do have a question regarding how you would suggest scheduling the Literature in the case of substitutions....

    We are just finishing the 2nd grade core with Mr. Popper's Penguins, so we will not be doing that in third but we will be replacing it with The Moffats. So....

    1. Should The Moffats go at the very end in place of Popper's Penguins or somewhere in the beginning?
    2. Does The Moffats replace Paddington as well as Popper's Penguins or should I still plan on doing Paddington and keep with 4 books for the year?


    Re: 3A Literature scheduling


    We just finished up 3A, and my son LOVED the literature selections this year...although he still hasn't gotten over Charlotte's Web 😢

    We put the Moffats at the end of the year as the last selection, and we did Paddington right before it. It took us the regularly scheduled school year to complete with no issues.

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      Re: 3A Literature scheduling

      The old scheduling used to be Farmer Boy, Charlotte's Web, and Moffats (only those three for the entire year) but you can flex it however you like!
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