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discrepancy between TG quizzes and PDF quizzes

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    discrepancy between TG quizzes and PDF quizzes

    I am doing King Arthur with my daughter right now and there is a discrepancy between the teacher book and the digital quiz file I have. My teacher book only has vocabulary quizzes and then a big test. My quiz file has detailed quizzes and then a final test. I had printed out the quizzes and gave one to my daughter, but now I can't grade it (without doing the work myself) because the quiz file does not have answers and my teacher book does not have this same quiz. Both of the books, student and teacher, came together in my complete 6M core package. Help?
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    Re: discrepancy between TG quizzes and PDF quizzes

    It sounds like you got an old teacher manual (we recently improved the quizzes and tests). Email us at and we will get you the answers in PDF form so you can grade! Sorry about the inconvenience.

    Paul Schaeffer
    Academy Director
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      Re: discrepancy between TG quizzes and PDF quizzes

      Did geography 1 change recently? My son was working through Europe with a new student guide and Luxembourg and Liechtenstein were not in my teacher manual (granted it is old). The capital for Liechtenstein wasn't even in the textbook so we had to look it up elsewhere.


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        Re: discrepancy between TG quizzes and PDF quizzes


        We did update Geography I to include those areas that were left off of our first printing. If you want an updated teacher guide, just email and say that your teacher doesn't match your new student guide, and we'll replace it.