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Which science to choose?

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    Which science to choose?

    Hi everyone.

    I haven't posted on this board for quite some time. I am trying to craft my son's course of study for next year. He will be a 7th grader. We have used MP quite a bit, and I particularly like their science choices. Right now we are using Trees, and we love it. He has completed Astronomy, Insects, and Birds prior to this, and I have History of Medicine sitting on the shelf. Now that we are approaching 7th grade, I am confused at what we should choose next. MP seems to have many options available, from textbooks to Tiner series books, etc. Could any of you speak to what you have chosen, why you like it (or wish you had gone a different route), and possibly the order through high school that MP plans to recommend?

    Thanks so much!


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    Re: Which science to choose?

    My daughter is doing the Tiner Biology right now in 7th, and it is going very well (although she would have been happy to skip the chapter about spiders!). I am having her do note-taking while reading the chapter, and then using her notes to try and answer the supplemental questions before looking back at the chapter. She has been doing most of the explore more investigations at the end of each chapter, which really adds depth, as well as reading biographies about the scientists introduced in the book (I highly recommend the Tiner biography of Louis Pasteur). She has read many of the other Tiner science books, but this is the first time she is using the MP supplemental questions so she is getting much more out of it. You would be able to do both Biology and Medicine next year if you want. I think they would go well together. We are adding Nature's Beautiful Order to the Tiner Biology instead of Trees the way MP has it scheduled since we used a different Botany program last year. I don't think you can go wrong with any of these beautiful selections!
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