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    Re: Dyslexia

    Originally posted by cherylswope View Post
    Great question. Great answers. Tanya sent this to me, but you may not need more than you already received! If you have time and would ever like more reading on the topic, you might find something helpful in these similar threads:

    You touch on several important issues in your question. Defining terms is needed! This is not only true with the term "dyslexia," but also with "classical education." Some parents believe their dyslexic children cannot benefit from a classical education, because they have defined classical education according to one prescribed pattern or rigorous program. I often hear this at conference booths after sessions. Mothers intuitively know that truth, goodness, and beauty offer much for their children. Yet the children would "fail" with a classical approach as they have previously conceptualized it. This has caused unnecessary confusion and discouragement for parents of children with learning challenges.

    For an interesting discussion on classical education definitions and approaches, see

    Your successes with your son's cursive, vocabulary, and writing reveal the flexibility we have when teaching! Congratulations.

    If you ever want to join us over on the SC Forum, feel free to post. And if you ever feel your son has hit an impenetrable wall with regular MP, we have ample SC safety nets under development, so you need never abandon the beautiful literature and other elements you have come to love.


    Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child
    What a beautiful post. Thank you so much! I will look over these threads when I can come back to them.

    And to reference your other post, I heard Andrew Pudewa push spelling out loud, so I think I will incorporate that as well.