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    When does the EGR series cover when/how to properly use semi-colons? My daughter is 13 and in 7M with EGR4. She is also taking Middle School Comp 2 through the online academy. They have papers due every other week and a punctuation quiz on weeks that there is no paper due. My daughter has really only used the EGR series (no rod and staff) and so far I can't really find information about semi-colons when I look in the back of the EGR 4 book at the style sheets. The class hasn't really covered grammar, it seems to be assumed that they have learned it, and all that is provided are some slides with rules. What I am looking for is some practice applying the rules for semi-colons and colons. Has it been covered in rod and staff 7 or 8? Just trying to figure out where I dropped the ball along the way. Thanks!


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    Re: Semi-colons


    You've stumped us. We don't know why semi-colons aren't in there either. It may be because Martin and Cheryl don't like them and don't use them. Every now and then, you will find a semi-colon in a Martin article because I sneak it in purely from meanness, knowing he dislikes them. I personally am a fan of semi-colons; I think they are the perfect segue to a connecting thought without the harshness of a period. They are a softer option when you have connecting points that need to flow.

    Anyway, I guess we need to add a rule in there about them. R&S 8 does cover semi-colons, so you will eventually get there.

    Thanks for pointing this out to us!