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7th moderated lesson plans and EGR

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    Re: 7th moderated lesson plans and EGR

    We really do intend to finish the program, but there are so many other high school courses we need to complete that we have to set priorities. We can't get it all done at once, and I feel like we are constantly moving from emergency to emergency rather than meandering through the curriculum, completing the courses before anyone needs them (my dream job). I didn't mean to say that we just aren't going to complete the program. I just meant that when you look at all our projects, we feel you can successfully move from EGR 4 to R&S 8 without suffering. (We have done that for a couple of years in our school now, and the teachers are very pleased with it.) I'm sorry that we didn't get it done this year. Other projects just took precedence. Maybe I can get a teacher to write it this summer, but I doubt it would be completed by fall. It is like a language program, where every exercise has to be checked and rechecked. And the formatting is tricky with it too.

    I'm sorry I've disappointed you. I wish we got more done than we do, but we really are working hard all the time, and it will eventually happen.