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Ancient History with LCI--what if kid has done it 2x?

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    Ancient History with LCI--what if kid has done it 2x?


    My son is 8, and going into "4th" grade. We did PL last year, in 3rd.

    My question relates to the history portion of LC1.

    My son had a survey of world history in Grade 1 (Child's History of the World in classical Christian school) and a year of Ancients in Grade 2 (home school, following TWTM suggestions but a year later, and doing a LOT more as he is a history hound).

    My question is this: I know that LC1 suggests doing Ancient History with Latin, but we are *finally* into American History (!) and I wonder if we could just leave OFF (or do bare minimal review of) Ancient History at this point without ruining the effectiveness of and interest in the program.

    The basic issue is that there are just so many hours in the day.

    One other piece of info: We have the Story of the World CDs, and he BEGS to listen to them on our long drives (which we do frequently). He will certain hear the SOTW-1 Ancients again, and while it is more than "the Romans", I think "enough is enough" at some point.

    Will somebody please give me permission to be a deviant from the suggested lesson plans, if I promise to do all the chants!!!????

    Permission granted.g

    I'm just another LC user, but here's what we're going to do: Our main focus this year is US history (Calvert grades 5 and 8), but we'll do the readings in Famous Men of Rome when we do Latin with our small co-op.
    LC has 25 lessons, but only covers 13 chapters in Famous Men of Rome, so it's possible to do the history along with the Latin and have it not relate to your main history program.
    For instance, test one covers the first five lessons of LC but only chapters one and two of Famous Men. Test 2 covers LC lessons 6-10, and FM chapters 3-5.
    I'll probably have our kids re-read the FM chapter after co-op, then we'll review the info daily...we review every other subject daily so it's not going to surprise them.g It won't be an in depth study of Roman history, but a nice addition to the LC program.