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OT: A personal note

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    OT: A personal note

    dear forum folks,
    Normally I would not come out and make a whole new thread be about something personal going on in our family's life. But this forum has been such a blessing to me, and there are so many of you that I know personally now, having met you at conferences, or at Sodalitas, that I wanted so share our most recent news about our littlest one.

    Those of you who were at Sodalitas knew that I was 8 weeks pregnant at the time, and were so kind and sweet to offer to pray for our little one. Well, we can really use the prayers. We found out yesterday that our 22 week-er has Trisomy 13. This does not have a good prognosis. We have lost little ones before, with no chance to see them, or know them. For that reason, I am grateful that whatever happens, we will get to name this little person, and have memories of him or her. For those of you who pray, my one hope is that baby will be able to be Baptized and Confirmed. So if you could please pray for that request, I would be most grateful.

    Our family is doing well with this news, as we have faced other difficult times and the children know that our real life is the life we will live in heaven. Our 8 year who has a congenital heart condition had a great insight last night...basically, that we will all die anyway, so why be sad? Faith in children is a blessing indeed. Today also happens to be our 4 year-old's birthday. So on a day when we could be so sad, we are instead rejoicing in life, and the joy that all our children have brought us.

    So you will see that my signature has changed, and if you just please remember to pray for us when you see it, I would be so grateful. And thank you all for being such a community to me, on this journey that we are all on.
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    Re: OT: A personal note

    Oh Sarah! A great big virtual hug! I know your Faith is strong, but it is still sad I pray for peace for you and your family!
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      Re: OT: A personal note


      Many, many prayers being offered for your request, a miracle (if it be God's will) and peace for each and every member for your family. Sometimes this life can be so, so hard. Thank God for our faith that has revealed the truth, which brings such hope.



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        Re: OT: A personal note

        Hugs and prayers for you and your baby, Sarah!
        Nieva, blessed to have such thoughtful MP friends

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          Re: OT: A personal note

          I love you, sweet friend, and our prayers continue for your little one and your entire family.
          Festina lentē,
          Jessica P

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            Re: OT: A personal note

            Thank you for the update, Sarah. I will keep your family in my prayers.
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              Re: OT: A personal note

              Lifting you up to St Gerard and our Blessed Mother, Sarah. May She wrap your entire family in her mantle.
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                Re: OT: A personal note

                I'm so sorry you have to walk this difficult road, Sarah. I will pray that the God of all peace will give you and your family comfort.

                In Christ,
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                  Re: OT: A personal note

                  Oh Sarah, much love and many prayers for you and your whole family. Life can be such a rocky journey at times. Jesus is with us in every step and breath and there is great comfort in that.
                  homeschooling mother to a 16yo boy & 18yo girl, both learning at the high school level, and an adult son whom I homeschooled all the way through. You are welcome to read more about our homeschooling life at my blog: link via my username. Please forgive any typos in my comments here! I'm disabled and can't always type clearly.


                    Re: OT: A personal note

                    I'm so very sorry to hear this, Sarah! You can be sure that I will lift you up in my prayer time each day. Your faith and focus are so strong and I pray they will completely carry you through this time.
                    Lisa, mom of 10. They are 29, 27, 25, 23, 21, 19, 17, 15, 13, and 8.

                    My hands, house, and heart are full!


                      Re: OT: A personal note

                      Sarah, you, your family, and your little one will be our thoughts and prayers.
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                        Re: OT: A personal note


                        I will pray for your little one, and for your family...I am really sorry to hear about this...I wish I lived closer and could be there to support you in person...I will also pray specifically for the baptism and confirmation of your little one...Thank you for sharing something so personal...You are part of my heart and my life...

                        Lord Have Mercy...

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                          Re: OT: A personal note

                          Sarah, we will pray for you, your family and little one, I grieve with you and also celebrate that every life matters. Blessings to my still unmet but valued friend! Your perspective is based in truth and I'm so touched by your 8year old. May the Lord see you all through every step and grant you your requests.

                          Much love, hugs, and tears,

                          Amy (Maggie)

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                            Re: OT: A personal note


                            I'm so, so sorry to hear this. Your daughter's words were so touching and she's right - we shouldn't be sad because we're all going to die at some point and it's only through earthly death that we can achieve eternal life. However, it is because we know how precious life is and because we know that each one of us is created in His image that it is so profoundly sad to lose someone we love - especially when that someone is so young.

                            I am praying for you, for your family and for your sweet little one.

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                              Re: OT: A personal note

                              I remember reading your post the other day about waiting on test results. I am so sorry for this news. I will continue to pray for you, your little one and family. I know you know this, but I had to tell myself this over and over....."God has a plan. I may not always know or understand, but He loves me."

                              With love and hugs,
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