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Does Latina Christiana (or Henle) have chant reviews?

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    Does Latina Christiana (or Henle) have chant reviews?

    I just received your excellent catalog/newsletter, The Classical Teacher. It is the Winter 2004 edition. In the article by Cheryl Lowe, entitled "The Four Principles of Latin Instruction," she states that the Highlands Latin School has a Latin assembly for the entire school in which all the basic Latin grammar forms are recited in a single chant from memory.

    For homeschoolers, is this information included in the Latina Christiana program, (e.g., on the CD's) or in Henle Latin? This sounds like an excellent idea for review, and I would love to incorporate this in our homeschool. I am planning on using Prima Latina next year with my youngest (who will be in 2nd grade) and Henle I with my older two (who will be in 5th and 7th grades).

    Any help is appreciated!


    Latin Recitation is the most helpful tool is teaching students Latin grammar forms. Oral presentation plants the information into memory and the students love reciting!

    In the Prima Latina videos, each lesson starts with a review or recitation, which is the Prima adapted version of the Latin recitation used in Latina Christiana and at the Highlands Latin School. The same thing is done in the Latina Christiana videos. Cue words were written into the teacher manual of Latina Christiana to help teachers conduct their own recitation.

    Mrs. Lowe also wrote complete and detailed instructions on how to conduct a recitation on this message forum.