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Lingua before First Form?

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    Lingua before First Form?

    Have a Latin question.

    Can you do Lingua Angelica be done before First Form or does it need to be done at the same time? I was thinking of doing Lingua Angelica this summer before starting First Form rather than trying to do both at the same time.

    The Lingua Angelica set is meant to go alongside whatever you are studying in Latin. If by "use it" you mean listen and memorize, then by all means begin! If you are wanting to complete it as a translation course that will have to go along more slowly as you use the Latin texts. If you are starting First Form in the fall, the summer would be a great opportunity to dip your toes in. The Lingua Angelica portions that are referenced in First Form are relatively short and easy to do alongside. They are intended to be complimentary. Hope this helps!
    Festina lentē,
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      I was talking about doing the translation as well listening to the music this summer. I want to do this, but worried adding it on top of First Form next year would be too much. Thought may be a good review of Latina Christina before starting First Form?


        Since Lingua Angelica deals with real prayers and hymns that have not been "concocted" for the student, there will be forms in there that the student will not recognize, especially if they have only done Latina Christiana. If you intend to use it as a translation course and you think it would be too much to fit in your school year, I would recommend doing some of it the summer after First Form.

        Listening to the music this summer would be a great motivation for the student so that he has something to work towards when you open First Form in the fall.

        Paul Schaeffer
        Academy Director
        Memoria Press Online Academy


          Thanks Paul, helps a lot! Think we will just listen and enjoy!