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Question about lesson plans

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    Question about lesson plans

    I think I have finally figured out what items I need to order for Fall. It will be our first time using MP, so I'll need to sub some items. For example, my moderated third grader does not know cursive and I'll need to get the first grade version of that. My question is about the lesson plans. How will that work, Will I get separate lesson plans for the cursive or are the lesson plan books put together depending on what you order? If it is separate plans, does that cost more money? I'll have other items subbed too, but that was the easiest example. I hope this makes sense, I'm getting very distracted by children!
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    You will get separate lesson plans but they automatically come in the package and do not affect the cost.

    However, if you swap out something that has a different price (for example, swapping out Classical Composition Fable for IEW's All Things Fun & Fascinating), then the price of the package will change accordingly.

    Hopefully I am being clear!

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      My son also started cursive in third grade with NAC1. I simply wrote in that assignment somewhere in the middle of the weekly lesson plan were there was extra room so it'd be all in one place.
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