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First Grade curriculum guide?

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    First Grade curriculum guide?

    We just switched up to First grade and I am not fond of the 4 page per week spread. I love the SC level C the whole day is on one page. That is perfect for me.

    Does anyone have any tips to make the adjustment? I don't know that I want to be rewriting everything into a planner but I might. I am finding it leaves me scattered and not sure we are getting to everything. Right now I have a paper clip on the right page so I remember to flip the page to find the other half of the lessons.


    Try binder clips?

    Yes, it's much preferable to have it all there on two pages! I'm guessing there was simply too much goodness to shrink it all into two pages.

    You could use a binder clip (the black and silver kind) to hold all the pages before the week you are working on on the left. Then you could do the same for all the pages beyond the week you're on on the right up until the appendices or recitation. You'd have the four-page section free and the rest bound.

    I have to do this when a student is working off-pace on a subject like math or reading. It's not uncommon to hit a bump in one study and need to slow down a bit while the rest of the plans can move forward as scheduled. I use the binder clips or post-its to remind us where we need to be. My oldest has been two weeks behind in math all year. He just flips back to get his math work each day.

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      I am glad you asked this question. We will be doing First grade for the first time, so I did not realize it was different from the other curriculum guides in this way. I looked at it for a bit though, and I have an idea of what I will probably do.

      The subjects on the first two-page spread are only recitation, phonics, and spelling. None of these should take you very long. I would simply treat them as your first subjects of the day with your child so that you check them off and no longer need to worry about them. I would foresee you only needing to be on that page for a half hour, at the most. Get those things checked off first, and then have your book open to the rest of the day, for the rest of the day.

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        It is true that a one page spread is more convenient for homeschool and classroom teacher alike. However, there is too much information to squeeze onto that spread! We are working on options!

        Michelle T


          I tailor the lesson plans to my son's needs, so he is rarely on the same week for more than one subject. I use the Post-It Note tabs to mark where he is in each subject and it's very easy to find where he is in each subject and move between them. If I was just dealing with two pages, I'd probably just use two Post-It Note tabs (staggered so that both can be seen). Even when I'm just marking one page I use Post-It Note tabs for marking because they are easy to see and won't fall out.
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            That is probably easier than fitting it all on one spread in such a tiny font that you need a magnifying glass!

            Michelle T


              What was added from the current plans? My first grade plans that I am currently using are a two page spread. I would say a large part (almost half the page vertically) is the enrichment section and blank space. That section looks identical to the first grade plans I had from 3or 4 years ago with my older son before the enrichment guides were written. What is there now is covered much more completely in the guide and is a huge patch of real estate that could be used for something else. I have been happy with mine (they were purchased last summer before the switch from SRA phonics) and would gladly leave off that enrichment section before going to 4 pages per week.

              Just a thought...


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                When we switched from SRA to Core Phonics we added some teaching tips into the plans in the Phonics section which consequently lengthened the box. We decided to just move the spelling and phonics sections to the next page since those two subjects are both phonic related. Many teachers really like having the weekly enrichment information included in the spread so they don't have to flip to the appendix to find each.

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