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6th grade science options

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    6th grade science options


    My oldest has done a few MP courses this year, and he will begin his first full MP year in the fall with 6th grade. It looks to me like I have 4 main options for science:

    1)What's That Bird? and The History of Medicine (which I believe are in the grade level plans)

    2)Take one of the online science courses which covers three books in a year

    3) The Tiner books


    4) Nature's Beautiful Order.

    I'd really appreciate feedback on reasons for the choices above.

    Thank you!

    All things being equal, I'd suggest the set that will be scheduled in the core's plans. This will make things so very much easier! My son did What's That Bird? and History of Medicine this year and has enjoyed each. I think it was a great year of learning for him and I appreciated the variety in going from Birds to Medicine.
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      I agree with Jessica, and would say to follow what is in the lesson plan for this year. The History of Medicine is a JH Tiner book, so it will be a good introduction to the style of the Tiner books. Plus, my son found a lot of interesting boy-brain details in it. But given this is your first core for him, it would be simplest.

      Then, looking ahead, for seventh grade, he would still have a lot of options. If he likes the Tiner books, he could do the year with three of them; or if he does not, he could opt out completely from Tiner and do the Trees/Nature's Beautiful Order combo (which is what my son will do next year); or he could do an online course, such as the Physical Science course, which my oldest did this year and loved. So many good choices! He has plenty of time...make it easy on yourself this year, and keep the lesson plans altogether.

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        Thank you. That sounds good to me! I appreciate the feedback.