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    Originally posted by pickandgrin View Post
    Yes, I have seen this audio magic at work in my own children. We get a stack of audio books on CD from the library and all the kids have CD players in their bedrooms, some with headphones. They all listen to audio books every night before bed as well as rainy afternoons (or during a mandatory quiet time like the one I'm about to lay on them right now this Sunday afternoon!). They listen to the same books over and over and trade them among themselves. We only own a few---Hobbit, LOTR, Narnia, one Peter and the Starcatchers--but we enjoy so many others without buying them. In the car I try to keep a good mix of light (and often short) and then longer, deeper books. We just did a Lemony Snicket followed by Little Women. We are on disk 9 of 16! Amazingly, even the Ker can follow right along. She's just grown up in a culture of listening and I both cherish that and envy her a bit. This morning she asked me to "stabilize" her bangs with some hairspray. Haha! Vocabulary is going to be a piece of cake for this one!

    If you want to know more about building your family culture around books, I heartily recommend Sarah Mackenzie's Read Aloud Revival. Find the free podcasts here:
    There is also a Facebook group here: Search "Read-Aloud Revival Community"

    It's amazing to me how you can slowly change the tone of your home with read alouds. My almost 3 year old (wild and rambunctious) will sit as still as a stone for read alouds -- bringing me books like Blueberries for Sal and the Frog and Toad collections and plop on my lap for the whole thing. She gets mad at her little brother (14m) because he doesn't sit still.
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