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Writing space in first form

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    Writing space in first form

    I was working in my first form workbook this afternoon and wondering how it was going to work with my son next year. He will probably finish up Latina Christiana by the end of the summer. He is 9 and will turn 10 this summer. He started this year with the third grade plans (now called accelerated), dropped back to the moderated plans but he was pretty much on track for Latin, just not keeping up with the complete pace overall. My concern is that while he has decent handwriting, some of the charts are a tight squeeze for me to fit in the entire answer. He has decent cursive, but I have no idea how he is going to be able to make it fit in a legible manner. Any suggestions for dealing with the first form workbook with a younger boy? I think the writing aspect is important to learning the material so I am not looking to do it all orally. In Intro to Composition the line spacing was too tight for him so we used another notebook, but that seems too hard with the charts. Any nuggets of wisdom would be appreciated!


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    We abbreviate some of the English meanings on those charts. While I think writing everything out is very valuable (and especially when we're writing Latin), I let her use ditto marks in the chart. So, it would be "I love" in the first box and "you ditto marks" in the box under that. That helps some!

    The spaces are small, I agree. It's already a pretty good sized workbook, though, so I'm not sure it would be beneficial to make them any bigger.


      I agree with Angela about suggesting he abbreviate the English, where possible, if needed. My son (who has decent cursive) didn't have much trouble fitting things in or just let them trail out of the boxes when necessary. You might just want to discuss it before hand and make sure he comes to you when it does happen so you can make a plan together that won't frustrate him but will allow the work to remain beneficial practice and review.
      Oh, do you use "HSI" for he/she/it? That helps, too.
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        First Form Writing Space

        I have 4 in First Form and each child had their own method. Everyone uses a conjugation and declension form exactly like the workbook except we typed it in larger font. Additionally we have a set format that must be used for Vocabulary (some use notebooks and some use flashcards they write out - each also has a set of MP flashcards). Whichever method it must have child's initials, lesson #, 1st three tense forms on one side and 2nd side must have meaning and derivatives (one vocabulary word per page or card). All other workbook questions are completed in a method that works for them. One child fills in the writing beautifully. One child tears the workbook page out and writes the answers on a separate paper and places both in a 3 ring sheet protector. One child types the answers and places in binder with the original questions. One child abbreviates and squeezes it wherever she can. At first I was worried using all these methods but I think the key was everyone using the same format for Conjugation and Vocabulary. Allowing them to design what worked best (within limits) has allowed them to focus on learning rather than fighting how to get it on the line. We also have a set of charts for each to study by and we have the wall charts for use during lessons. The MP flashcards and charts are fantastic and I can't imagine our not having them.