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    Content of Latina Christiana

    :? I hate to even ask this question, but here goes:

    I have been using Matin Latin I to teach an introductory Latin class to our homeschool group. I was giving suggestions to the group about possible curricula for next year.

    This is the question: does Latina Christiana have Catholic overtones in its approach? Please let me make it clear that this would in no way bother me at all, but there are some in our group who would struggle with a text that would have a more "Catholic" approach. I see no difficulty, personally, if someone has a more Protestant orientation, to avoid passages with which that individual would disagree.

    Again, I don't like to even ask this question, but the question has arisen. Thank you very kindly for your response.

    I'm not currently using, but this is what the catalog says..

    The catalog states for the Henle text, that it is a Catholic text, but "its superiority as a teaching resource and the outstanding benefits of its Christian perspective far outweigh the very occasional picture or reference that a Protestant might wish to ignore." This refers to the Henle, but may also describe LC. Like I said, I don't have the text so I haven't actually seen it.

    They also have sample pages here on the website. And there's the 30-day guarantee. You can always purchase a program and review it and then decide.

    Hope this helps.