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Famous Men of Greece vs Book of the Ancient Greeks: Which to Choose???

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    Famous Men of Greece vs Book of the Ancient Greeks: Which to Choose???

    We are gradually shifting to a more classical curriculum using many of MP's products. I currently own the book, Student Guide, and Teacher Guide for both Famous Men of Greece and Book of the Ancient Greeks.

    My son is currently in 8th grade. I will, no doubt, revisit ancient civilizations in high school but for the remainder of this school year I would like to have him study Greece with a look toward Rome over the summer. Which would be the best book to use for the remainder of this year. We've used Famous Men of the Middle Ages last year and he enjoyed the stories so, on one hand it makes sense to use FMoG but TBotAG looks more to culture. I'm not sure which one makes more sense.

    I'm not sure which way to turn. I would also love to hear some ideas on the best literary works to add with the decided upon curriculum.

    Looking forward to hearing your suggestions.


    My recommendation would be that you spend the rest of this year on Famous Men of Greece. Also, it would be good to read and study The Trojan War by Olivia Coolidge (the book and guides are on our literature page for 7th grade). Then, next fall, study Mills' Book of the Ancient Greeks the first semester, and read Homer's Iliad and Odyssey the second semester. We have teaching dvds and detailed study guides for Homer. Moving from a study of ancient history to a primary literature source like Homer will enrich your student's classical experience. We have individual lesson plans available for the Mills Greece book and the Iliad and Odyssey study if you want help laying out your year.