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Need some help teaching 7th grade Short Story and Poetry

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    Need some help teaching 7th grade Short Story and Poetry

    I just love the study guide for the 7th grade American Poetry and Short Stories! But I need some help as the teacher. I just do not know all the different types of poetry meters (iambic, trochaic, and such) and literary devices such as apostrophe. It seems that most literary devices are defined somewhere in the textbook, but there is no glossary of terms so if we run across a term later and forget what it means, we have to search through the whole book to find where it was first taught (and the terms aren't listed alphabetically in the reading notes either so I have to search through each list for each poem trying to find it.
    I would really like if you could add a poetry terms section to the beginning or end of the text for easy reference and maybe give some more guidance on what the different meters are.
    I realize that the teachers at your school know all this already so they may not realize that we poor homeschool parents need a bit more guidance in teaching these concepts.
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    I agree!

    Can I second that?! I was just thinking today as I'm struggling to find a term in the book that was defined several lessons before that a glossary is a must on this for future additions. I'm really loving the teacher's guide since poetry was never my strong point, but I do find that it is lacking in defining all the words in bold in an easy to reference manner. If you could fix this it would be greatly appreciated!


      Gonna Third this...dd loves this book but I do not know the terms either...even just a pdf cheat sheet glossary to print for dd would be a great help...
      DD - Graduated!
      DS - core 12 with remediation/support
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        Need some help teaching 7th grade short story and poetr

        As the author of the Poetry & Short Stories Guide, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I decided a while ago to add a master list of the literary and rhetorical terms used in the Guide to the beginning of the Guide. I think this will really help homeschooling mothers and teachers alike. And for assuming that I didn't need one when I wrote this guide, I apologize.

        One note, the literary and rhetorical terms are always listed at the end of the reading notes. In other words, other facts, names, and difficult vocab words always appear before the literary terms.

        I have a list of literary terms that I've been developing for all the guides, and I will make one specifically for the Poetry and Short Stories Study Guide. Please email me for it, as I don't think I can attach it here.

        I hope to hear from you!

        David M. Wright
        Literature Curriculum Director
        Memoria Press
        [email protected]