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Which book to send a LCCC interested friend?

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    Which book to send a LCCC interested friend?

    My dear friend has a current 2nd grader and is interested in learning a bit more about LCC and Memoria Press. I wanted to send her a Prima Latina set and Climbing Parnassas (I have read it) or The Latin Centered Curriculum (I have not read it).

    Which book is best for an introduction to LCC?

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    The Latin Centered Curriculum is a much easier read than Climbing Parnassus, and I really appreciated the recommended book lists and schedules in LCC. Climbing Parnassus can be a little overwhelming at first. Just my 2 cents.
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      Does The Latin Centered Curriculum basically recommend MP Core Curriculum?


        Both books you mentioned are great, but as far as which to send, it depends (and I will stir the pot a bit).

        Climbing Parnassus is the really well-supported walk through all of educational history, highlighting the various ways in which classical education progressed and changed, but with the central thread certainly being the expectation of Latin and Greek being the foundation of education, up until it then wasn't, and isn't that tragic. So it makes the case well for those areas of study, but does not go into finer points or other areas of curriculum.

        LCC is somewhat of an opposite, in that it does describe a comprehensive program. You could take the book, follow the suggestions, and have a curriculum similar to MP's core curriculum in a number of ways, but also taking a different mindset in some places, such as with Math. It does include specific recommendations for all the subjects, as well as sample schedules and whatnot. The early part of the book does provide a couple of short chapters that explain some underlying principles of classical education, which can make the book a good read even if you do not need the full program as outlined there.

        Either book is great, and both help in the process of becoming familiar with classical education in a general sense. Another great book along those lines is The Great Tradition, by Richard Gamble. It again would be of the sort to help commit someone to the principles that underly what MP has done.

        But to really get to know MP specifically, you could direct your friend to the Articles section of the website, as there is a wealth of material there to help pinpoint a lot of the reasons MP does what it does, and much more specifically than the books you have mentioned.

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          I agree that LCC is a much easier read. It goes along with, and recommends some of Memoria Press curricula; but there are a few differences in History, Literature, and Geography. I believe it recommends Singapore for Math, also. It does give a basic overview of some of the thoughts that go along with forming the theory behind Memoria Press (it would seem to me). Another good one to send might be An Introduction to Classical Education by Perrin. It does not recommend a curricula or scope and sequence, but it does give a good overview of what a classical education was and is.


            I would say the LCC is a great book to recommend. I just read it again over our break for a refresher and some fuel to get the second half of out year going. Campbell does recommend several MP materials. Also, like Sarah suggested, the articles on MP's site are wonderful! And now that I'm thinking of it, the presentations at this past summer conference would have sold anyone on classical education! They are posted on MP's site and would be an amazing resource for a newbie.

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              You could also direct her to the "catalog" tab on the main homepage for lots of great articles in the most recent issues as well as to subscribe to the catalog herself. I agree the first part of LCC is very inspiring!
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                Thanks for all the great replies and input. I am going to send her CP with Prima Latina. The latest edition of The Classical Teacher will be included as well.