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LC I- Is DVD needful to teach this?

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    LC I- Is DVD needful to teach this?

    I want to begin my children in gr 9 and 7 with LC I. Do I need the DVD to teach this or can I just use the books and flash cards? I have no Latin background and neither do my children but this series seems pretty simple to teach. Is the course dependent on the DVD?


    The videos are not a necessity for Latina Christiana, although they were produced to supplement the texts and serve as an aid for parents and teachers without Latin experience.

    The lessons are taught in the format used in our Latin classes at Highlands Latin School, beginning with a recitation/review, followed by thorough vocabulary and derivative discussions, grammar lessons, and memory skills.

    The videos can serve as a complete teacher replacement or can simply help with additional explanations, examples, and graphics. Lessons average thirty to forty minutes.
    Brian Lowe