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Ancient Romans Dorothy Mills - Is there an easy way to help kids learn maps/timelines

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    Ancient Romans Dorothy Mills - Is there an easy way to help kids learn maps/timelines

    I have never used this forum before. My husband told me about it and suggested I ask you all about a problem I was having. So I hope I and doing this right. =)

    My oldest son is in 8th grade and we have just went through Dorothy Mills Ancient Romans. He didn't do very well on his tests, mostly because of the numerous places and dates he was supposed to learn. So I was wondering if there was an easier way to teach those to him outside of just memorizing. The book says to create a timeline and create a map. Is there maps and timelines that are premade that would go well with the Ancient Romans lessons? Or are we supposed to create a map and timeline ourselves? I plan on doing this same unit with my other 2 kids but would love to discover an eaiser way to learn dates and places.

    Anna May
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    Hi Anna May! I have an eighth grader as well as a fifth grader, so I can share some tips we have learned from the forum and from MP. One thing we do is when we go over a lesson, I look over the quizzes to see what specific information is included, and I tell them so they can highlight it. That way, they clearly know what they will be expected to know for tests and quizzes. No surprises! I have seen that help especially with my son. It narrowed his focus to allow him to study better....because he knew that he would have to know those things.

    For the timelines, my oldest just makes flashcards with the dates on them. I know in younger years they do the visual timeline on the wall, but she does not seem to need it. And the maps for her Ancient World book are included in the Review Lessons for each unit. I would expect the Ancient Romans to have that as well, but I do not know for sure. That Review Lesson map is what she uses for the map work.

    That is how we do it. I will also say, I do not know if this is your son's first experience with MP's Classical Studies, but my son had quite an awakening when he did not do as well as he wanted on his first quizzes. He realized that the lesson plan covered the assignments he needed to be doing, but that he also needed to be studying in addition to the assignments. So he had to up his game when it came to working, which has been a valuable lesson! I would say, not an "easy way," but definitely a "simple way"........hard work!

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      Thank you so much Sarah. That did help answer some questions. I guess we will be making 3x5 cards and reviewing maps and quizzes in the future before taking the tests. =)