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    We are transitioning to full MP packages, and I didn't buy the Grammar Recitation because I already have Rod and Staff grades 2-5 (we'll be doing grades 2 and 4 this year). Now I'm having doubts. I really like R&S, and I hate to spend extra money when I already own something that does a great job. But would using Grammar Recitation significantly streamline our studies? Would it make everything much easier on us? What are some of the pros/cons of each program? Btw, one reason I chose to stick with R&S is because of all the practice in diagramming, which I really want my dc to learn. We won't be doing the writing portions since we'll be using CC.


    Hi, Angela.

    I taught for several years from R&S Grammar, and it is an excellent program. My regret is that I spent so much time on it (an hour a day, 4 days a week). The lessons are so comprehensive, and my students didn't need that much English grammar practice because of the amount of time they spent in Latin. If I had it to do over again, I would do many of the exercises orally and choose more deliberately what I wanted to focus on. I would severely cut down on the number of problems we did. I have a better understanding now of the role of English grammar in a grammar school student's education. It should be more about familiarity with the rules, especially the rules of punctuation, and less about analytical grammar. Just like in Latin, where students can memorize grammar forms and vocabulary fluently, but aren't necessarily ready to apply them yet. I've learned that students need to be developmentally ready for application of grammar (English or Latin) and math, and that they will get it so much easier when they are developmentally ready to tackle than if we thrust it on them too early. So, all that is to say that R&S grammar is a fine choice for you, but my advice would be to limit what you use it for. Use it as an introduction to grammar terms and rules without expecting mastery of application.




      I was reluctant to change as well, because R&S was really working for us too. I did decrease my expectations for it when we added Latin, so that we just did it orally. I basically asked the oral drill for each day (which is similar to a "recitation" in that you are going over definitions and basic concepts), a brief look at the content, and an exercise for oral practice. The only exception was that any exercise of diagramming was to actually be done. This all took less than 15 min per day, and is a great way to use what you have while keeping grammar to an appropriate amount of their day.

      As I have gotten more comfortable with the core curriculum, I have wanted to have as many things straight from the LP as possible, so we have started using the Grammar Recitation program. I find it to be an easy transition from what we were doing. It has just what you need, is very clear, and is the right amount of practice.

      I really think you will find either approach to be comperable to each other. I have even realized over the years that the diagramming they do is so basic, even up through sixth grade, that they really don't need nearly as much practice as I thought. Going through the diagramming in First Form was just as helpful. So apples to apples, the real advantages for doing the Grammar Rec is that it is planned within the curriculum, it is already an appropriate amount (meaning you don't to decide how much to cover of a lesson in R & S), and the work can be done more independently. I would also throw in there that the sentences for example and practice are things my kids relate to better, since we are not Mennonite!

      16th Year HSing; 10th Year with MP
      DD, 19, Homeschool grad; college sophomore
      DS, 17
      DD, 15
      DD, 13
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      DS, 2


        Ok, I guess I won't worry about it and will just keep with what we have for now, since I don't really need to be spending more money at this point. The plus of having Recitation already scheduled for me is very tempting though .


          I don't use MP full packages. We were already financially committed to TOG before I found MP. I do use MP for Grammar and Latin and am transitioning some other areas to MP choices. Just giving that as a heads-up because our usage of MP may affect my testimony of how we use it. lol

          We have used R&S for years, and I was beginning to get dissatisfied with it because of the time involvement each day. I felt that there had to be some way for Latin, Writing, and Grammar to be more cohesive for us. I now use MPs Grammar and prefer it. The smaller time involvement allows us to take the Grammar rules and apply them to our writing. With TOG, I have my boys do a weekly history response page. In that, we use the Grammar rules and apply them to that. It has helped a lot. I am able to diagram fairly well, so we just diagram on the board together as time allows.

          With the rules, I have made cards that I have on a ring. They are color coded. I have one color for capitalization rules, one color for grammar rules, and one color for punctuation rules. I am taking my 5th grader through the book at a quicker pace than I have my 3rd grader, with the plan of finishing all five books by the end of 7th then moving on to R&S the next year.

          Our change this year has been a very positive one for us. It has caused us to take the Grammar rules we are learning and apply them to our writing across our subjects. This is something we had a harder time accomplishing with R&S. I think R&S is a great curriculum, I've just realized some of its greatness depends on your goals for your family.