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    Help placing late reader

    I need some guidance with my eldest dd, 10.5yrs. She has only really begun to read well in the past year. She tested at a 4th grade level in the spring. She struggles with comprehension when she reads something herself but can give beautiful narrations when I read to her.

    We've started a spelling program for dyslexics. She gotten very discouraged about writing things because she cannot spell. When this happens, she just shuts down. Everything has seemed very difficult for her. She's just gotten her addition facts memorized for the most part.

    I want her to succeed. I want her to feel good about her work. I need help finding the balance so I don't place her too high nor too low.


    Welcome Cyndy!

    I'm sure others will chime in on this as well, but I'd encourage you to take a good look at the second grade package. One caveat though, please try not to read too much into the label "second grade." The second grade package is the year that the reading/phonics/writing/basic addition/subtraction is solidified in preparation for third grade. Third grade is very reading-comprehension-intensive and requires reading for understanding as well as writing comprehension questions across most subjects. Third grade also launches several four-year studies that will wrap up in sixth grade. There is no rush to get into this wonderful is all there waiting for your daughter when she is truly ready.
    Second grade is the top of the primary years, filled with beautiful art, music, poetry, as well as the gentle beginning of Latin. It will be a brief amount of schooling for your child, but it will provide a solid foundation for moving forward. Also, it's just the backbone of what you can do. You're free to add any additional enrichment you like whether that be activities, outings, additional books, etc. The second grade literature selections are fantastic for a girl and I don't think will seem below her level as the texts are for studying slowly, not simply zipping through. I think this could be just the right balance of success and challenge for her. Of course you know her best, so follow your heart on this one.

    What do you others think?
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      It is normal for your daughter's listening level to be more advanced than her reading level. So, I am not surprised she has excellent comprehension in the material you read to her. It shows you have found her listening level! Be sure you continue to read to her at least two levels above what she could read and comprehend if reading on her own. This way her vocabulary and other skills will continue to advance on pace.

      I agree in starting at the second grade program remembering it isn't really a second grade level and definitely should not be presented as such to your daughter. You may find that after a while in the program you could move at a faster pace than what we have laid out. The beauty of Memoria Press literature is that while we have selected grades for the books, you can mix them around and move at a pace unique to your child's needs. You have the freedom to skip a selection you have already covered and replace it with another choice. If you find it takes longer to work through one book, take that time you need and skip one of the others that may not be as exciting for your child. You have the freedom to progress as your child needs.

      The second grade level program will help with mastery of those phonic and spelling issues before beginning the more intensive reading/spelling of third grade. However, when ready, we do offer the relaxed start to the third grade. It contains some excellent classic literature as well.

      I would consider waiting for that relaxed third grade due to the introduction of multiplication and division. Improving the reading/ spelling issue and cementing the addition and subtraction is a nice sized goal for one year!



        Thank you, ladies! I'm glad I asked. I was unsure about going that far back since she is in 5th grade. I wondered about the skill progression. She just trudges through most of her schoolwork and I really want her to feel satisfaction with what she's doing. Her older brother gets things quite easily and it just makes her that much more frustrated.

        Michelle, you mentioned the relaxed 3rd Grade. Is that the moderated plans? I had ordered those to look over and see what it would be through the year.


          Yes the moderated plans is the official name. Sorry for the confusion.

          Michelle T