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Jr. K ?'s - music? coloring books? telling time?

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  • Jr. K ?'s - music? coloring books? telling time?

    I am starting the Jr. K. program (and LOVE it) but I have a few questions.
    1. Is there a cd with all the music or am I required to find from other sources myself.. which is too time consuming for me & won't happen.
    2. When are the coloring books (Numbers & Alphabet) to be incorporated? I can't see that they are used in any of the lesson plans.
    3. While covering the calendar/time section, I think the big hand, little hand concept is confusing. Is there a reason that hour hand, minute hand & second hand is not the way to instruct?
    Thanks in advance for the help. I am having so much fun with this

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    Here are the answers in a nutshell:

    1. There is not currently a compilation CD available. However, we are working with a classical pianist who will help with this dilemma. You tube is a quick alternative they have some lovely versions.
    2. The coloring books are used as morning warm-up work in our classrooms. They should coincide with the letter and number taught that day.
    3. I am sure the reason for teaching big hand and little hand in junior k is because it is just an introduction. We are not really teaching them to tell time.

    Michelle T
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      Thank you!

      Thanks. Your response answers my questions. We have 3 children (#4 on the way) and I am so happy to have lucked out by starting with MP. A cd with all the music would be an awesome addition. In the meantime it would be nice to note somewhere that these have to be found by the parent and are not provided. Our kids will love the extra "easy" work with coloring. I just struggled while describing the big hand & little hand because I want to call the big hand the short thick hand (hour) and the little hand the long thin hand (min) and well... yea, 4 yr. olds totally don't need all that! So thank you.


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        If you use to stream music, there is a lengthy MP JR. K playlist already put together that you can access there by searching. It's free so long as you don't mind the occasional oddly-placed commercial message. For a reasonable fee you can subscribe and skip those, but I'm cheap.
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          So glad I saw this thread- somehow I missed that we were to be using the coloring books on the corresponding week. Time to catch up!

          For the music, I pull up the song on YouTube and have found some really fun versions of each song. My 4 year old likes choosing his favorite version and we get a nice variety by watching 3-4 at a time.

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            We just had a delightful find along these lines. This week one of my primary kids had the Carnival of Animals - Elephants assigned. Pulling up youtube brought up a video of a chamber music concert arranged by Julien Machlin including the entire Carnival (in small pieces) along with the poem narrated by Sir Roger Moore (Mr Bond, if you are a movie buff). It was excellent. Here is the first link:http:


            If that doesn't work, search "carnival of animals elephant" and the video of a man playing a double bass is the correct series. If you click on it, the intro will be listed alongside. Hope that makes sense!

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              I came across that a while back and loved it! So glad you posted the link.

              Michelle T