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    classical composition DVD lessons

    At this time there are only DVD's for the first two levels of classical composition. Are there plans to make DVD's for the remaining levels or only the first two?
    Also, is there a scope and sequence for the entire classical composition program? I'm trying to figure out if/when it teaches all of the various types of typical grade level writing, letter writing, research papers, essays, etc.


    I recently bought the DVD for Chreia/Maxim so that one is out too (3rd book). I too am interested in how it progresses year to year...
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      Hi Stephanie,

      We are planning to make DVD's for more levels, although it has not been determined if we make one for every level. Currently, we are working on DVD's for Ref-Con (which will be completed and available for sale this fall) and Common Topic.

      I have attached the suggested sequence located on our website. However, the basic sequence is as follows:

      Fable, 4th grade
      Narrative, 5th
      Chreia/Maxim, 6th
      Ref/Con, 7th
      Common Topic, 8th
      Encomium/Invective/Comparison, 9th
      Characterization, 10th
      Descriptions, 11th
      Thesis/Law, 12th

      These exercises are thousands of years old, of course, so they are not designed to accomplish what modern composition theory seeks to do in precisely the same way. For example, the exercises never teach students how to write a "research paper." The goal of the exercises is to prepare students for rhetoric, or the art of knowing how best to say what one wants to say in a certain situation. The three major types of rhetorical discourse are political, judicial, and ceremonial, and these are explained fully in Aristotle's Rhetoric. We recommend that Classical Composition be followed up with a course in rhetoric.

      That said, we value the fact that students need practice in modern forms of writing. So one of our administrators at Highlands Latin School has designed a supplementary list of assignments that give students such practice. It is as follows:

      7th grade, "5 Paragraph Essay"
      8th, "Historical Research Essay," 4 pgs
      9th, "Literary Research Essay," 5 pgs
      10th, "Textual Comparison Essay," 6 pgs
      11th, "Literary Theme Essay" (in Dante's Divine Comedy), 8 pgs
      12th, "Literary Analysis Essay," 10 pgs

      One of the attached documents has this list along with some other information. If you would like more information on the details of this supplementary list, please email Jason Borah ([email protected]).

      I hope this has been helpful for you. Thank you for your questions and please follow up with any more you have.

      Brett Vaden
      Editor for Classical Composition
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        Brett, Tanya, and others-behind-the-scenes,
        Thank you so much for taking the time, effort, and expense to make the CC DVDs. I can't imagine the work that goes into them. They are an invaluable resource for families like mine with many levels of learning going at once. I just wanted to give a pat on the back and say thanks!
        Festina lentē,
        Jessica P

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          On behalf of all of us, you are welcome!!!



            Scope of Video Lessons?

            Hello group, I am looking into buying the DVD's but wanted to know if the instruction for each lesson continues past what is shown in the sample clip on the website. In Levels 2 and 3 he instructs the students to "come back when they are done." Does he then go on to the next lesson or continue teaching the different sections of the same lesson. It appears from the clips that the video lessons focus on the story/maxim/quote alone to set framework for the rest of the lesson.




              Brett does complete the entire lesson, so you keep pausing to do the work, and then you come back to the next step. Each lesson is completed on the dvds.