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Copybook First Grade Question

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    Copybook First Grade Question

    I noticed that the copybook assignment for Week 3 is for "Frogs at School" which is toward the end of the copybook. It also has the narrower lines. Am I missing something? Why would you start a beginning first grader on narrower lines and then go back to the wider lines in Week 7?

    I can't speak to the difference in line size but I can tell you the four weeks we spent learning Frogs at School were so much fun for my first grader! Everyone in the family (who is not a toddler) can still recite that poem now at lightning speed. That was two years ago, too!
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      I will have to check on that when I get back in the office! That doesnt make sense!

      Michelle T


        Well, our teachers decided they wanted to do Frogs at the beginning of the year, so when we reprint the copybook, we have to switch it around. You may want to use your tablet paper for this one if you do it first.

        Sorry about that. They just like to start the year with it and wrote it into the lesson plans like that.