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    Scope and Sequence

    I'm sorry if this has been asked before (link to thread if so), but is there a scope and sequence for any of the curriculums? I am looking at 1st grade right now. Also, this might be silly, but does the curriculum teach days of the week, telling time, etc? Maybe that is wrapped up in math?



    I have never seen a consolidated scope and sequence for the entire curriculum. However, reviewing each of the grade level packages is a good way to see the progression from one year to the next. Also, all Memoria Press products have sample views, where you can usually see a Table of Contents to see the scope of the individual books.

    As for specifics like you mentioned, yes, it is common for those elements to be covered in the Rod and Staff math program, which is very comprehensive when it comes to useful information. The unique element Memoria Press offers is their Recitation program, which is included in the Core Curriculum lesson plans. These sets of questions build from one week to th next, including all the basic information kids need (days of week, months of year, pledge of allegiance, skip counting, etc) and expect kids to memorize them over the course of the year.

    I hope that helps answer your specific questions!
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      Thank you Sarah. I have looked over all the curriculum details for each year and the sample pages. Those are great! :-)