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First Grade fun stuff

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    First Grade fun stuff

    Just learning about this but this video is a great idea, read the book and animate on Toontastic app

    Miss Spider's Tea Party being read aloud
    there is supposed to be an app but I can't find it.
    We don't have cable but looks like there's a whole Miss Spider show

    The Ink Garden of Brother Theophane
    Not at our library, so don't have much to go on but this is nice preview
    Discussion questions and instructions to make your own ink

    Houses around the world for supplementing A House is a House for Me
    activity idea

    Miss Twiggley's Tree is not at our library...found this instead

    Lyle Lyle cute craft using clothes pin

    more Christopher Columbus stuff than you could do in a month

    Katy No Pocket
    plenty of pinterest ideas but thought this site on wood projects for kids was interesting
    toilet paper tube kangaroo
    Felt kangaroo - more difficult but cute
    That's all I've got for now, if anyone is interested I'll keep going. If not I won't bombard the board, and just make a bookmark list for myself.
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    Thanks momee
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