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Latina Christiana 1-- lesson plans/procedures Q's

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    Latina Christiana 1-- lesson plans/procedures Q's

    I am planning to use LC1 with my 6th grader who is coming home from ps. I have no Latin background, so I thought this to be a good choice for both of us.

    I have the complete set that comes with a core curriculum package, but I am confused on the daily procedure/lesson plans.

    1. The lesson plans don't tell you to watch the DVD on a certain day, so I'm assuming that is because everyone doesn't purchase them or the plans were written before the DVDs came out. Would watching this be in lieu of "teach lesson1" listed on Monday, week 1 (and every week thereafter)?

    2. On my plans it says "vocabulary drill sheet" and lists the column to be on several days. Do you print this off the CD (or teacher's manual) ? If so, why not just have that in the student workbook? (I don't have a printer right now). Maybe he can just do this on notebook paper in a binder? I will also have to photocopy quizzes and tests from the TM.

    3. Why do you listen to tracks on the CD? Is this for those who don't have the DVD lesson?

    4. I got a booklet called "Review Worksheets Teacher Answer Key", but I can't find the student version of this without answers.

    I apologize for these newbie questions, but I'm determined to have a good first week which leads to a good first year If I can get this figured out early, I'm sure that by week 4, it'll run like a well oiled machine.


    I'll try to answer your questions so that you have a stellar first week of school!

    1) Watching the dvd lessons is in lieu of teaching the lesson each week. That is your instruction.

    2) The drill form is in the teacher manual, but you can absolutely just use notebook paper for that. A vocabulary notebook would be a good idea. The purpose is for students to learn how to spell the vocabulary words as they learn the definitions of them, so they just need to write the Latin and English for each word several times a week.

    3) Our teachers use the cd as the students are writing their vocabulary words. It is just another reinforcement of the words and their meanings. It is optional, but some students learn better orally, so if this is true for your student, you might want to consider using the cd for mastery of vocabulary.

    4) You should have a student book for the Review Worksheets. It is a solid blue color. If we left it out of your order, just email [email protected], and they will be glad to send it to you. It is easier for them if you can provide your order number too. If not, they can still look it up by name.

    I hope this helps!



      Yes, this helps.

      1. Got it. In the plans, this will be done on Monday. I don't think I could do this without the DVD.
      2. Good, this will be easy. I want nothing to do with a copier (still suffering from overload as a ps teacher.)
      3. May use CD in car (we have to transport older sibs to and from school )
      4. Found it! There were LOTS of books in my package. This slim one was hiding from me .


        You are going to love learning Latin with your son. I'm eager to see how this year goes for you! Keep us posted!
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