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Classical Composition Versus Writing with Ease

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    Classical Composition Versus Writing with Ease

    Thank you so much for your replies. They have been very helpful.

    I have another question. We have previously used Susan Bauer's Writing with Skill books for composition. I am trying to determine if we should switch over to Classical Composition. The reviews on both series seems to be good. I am wondering if you could tell me your thoughts on the programs. I even thought maybe we should use Classical Composition and substitute with Bauer's instructions on research writing and literary essay writing.

    Thank you again for your time and input.


    Mary Walz

    Hi Mary! From your question it looks like you are using the older levels of the Bauer program. I used Writing with Ease, but not the ones past that. Therefore I cannot compare directly to that program. So I thought I would simply tell you what I like about CC, and maybe it would help you.

    The most basic thing I like about CC is that the set-up of lessons is very straight-forward. Each lesson is done over two weeks, and each day has different activities to do. It takes a couple lessons to appreciate this pattern; at first you are learning something new every day. But then you do another lesson, and realize you are practicing the same things again. Then another lesson, and you practice them again....and on throughout the year. There is variety, but in a repeated pattern, so once you get used to it, there are no surprises. This fact allows for less consternation about writing class. My children know what to expect on each day of their work. That is not to say that they like all the exercises equally, but at least they know what they are being asked to do.

    This also creates less angst for me about teaching writing because I get the chance to get used to it too. At first I felt like a fish out of water for a bit.

    So it is very clear, orderly, and repetitive. The skills that are introduced are practiced and practiced. It makes my life easier because it is all included in his writing course, and I don't feel the need to supplement. I have confidence he is really learning well, and I don't have to keep tweaking, try to come up with interesting assignments, or keep track of where we are. We just open the book and do the day's lesson.

    That is one thing I like anyway....hth's!
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