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7th Grade Core with addition of Elementary Greek

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  • anastasia5
    Okay. Thanks for the input. We will go for it.

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  • tanya
    This is exactly what we do at HLS - add Greek in the 7th-8th grade years, so it is totally doable with a motivated student. And it sounds like you have a good student!


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  • KF2000
    Hi Ladies! My eighth grader will be doing the seventh grade classical/Christian we will be in the thick of it too....yay! We can compare as we go!

    And I agree...seems like much the same as we will do...have solid Latin going, but she wants to do French this may not be the child to get my Greek experience started....but next one will be on board.


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  • momee
    We have completed core 6 and I am excited about beginning the 7th grade materials in just a few weeks. I see no reason you wouldn't have success given your experience.

    If she has mastered her latin work I think adding in greek is an excellent idea. She sounds like an intelligent young lady.

    We did MP online first form and are signed up for second form. She is also doing the high school writing, level 2. I have heard that quickly jumps up in intensity and hope it is a good challenge for her, and not an overwhelming one. I debated having her do the middle school new science class online, it looks fantastic, but I couldn't talk her into it. Maybe next year???

    Looks like we'll be teaching the same things, if you ever want to compare notes just give a shout. I am slightly nervous about "teaching" Homer. We'll definitely be learning it together.

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  • 7th Grade Core with addition of Elementary Greek

    My eldest is very bright and self-directed in her studies. She has completed MP cores 5 and 6 over the last two years, has finished first and second for Latin with excellent mastery, and has completed the Greek Alphabet book. She is ready to start core 7 in the fall, and I am planning to add Elementary Greek to her lesson plans.

    Is this a doable work load? I would love to hear from those that have completed core 7 and thoughts on the additional time commitment required for Elementary Greek Year One.



    Daughter - rising MP7
    Son - rising MP3
    Son - rising MP1
    Daughter - rising MPPreK
    Son - 2yo