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2nd Grade Latin

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    2nd Grade Latin

    I just ordered the 2nd grade continuing student curriculum package. After paying for it I realized that I neglected to order the Latin workbook for myself. I want to learn Latin while my child learns Latin. So my question is, which items should I order for myself? Do I just need an extra student book? Thanks in advance.

    The consumable student workbook is the only additional item you would need. Because it is an introductory Latin you may not even need it as you will absorb the basic information when you check your child's work. If however you just want to sit side by side with workbooks, that would be all you need.

    Michelle T


      Michelle is totally right; it's just your choice this year. There is very little writing to do in the Prima workbook, so it might even be more helpful for you if you keep a little notebook yourself instead of a workbook. You could write down the practical Latin phrase and translation plus any historical notes, then there is usually a one sentence grammar definition/lesson with examples, then there are the five or so vocabulary words with translations and derivatives, and finally, you could write the phrase and translation of the Latin prayer you are learning. Since you are an adult and can take notes and write quickly, I think you'll actually learn it better this year if you are taking notes and writing the material.
      Next year, however, I heartily recommend an additional student book as well as a copy of the Review Worksheets and a Ludere Latine book for yourself. They are fantastic resources which really help you internalize and work with the material, not simply memorize definitions. The Ludere book surprised me with the conjugated and declined words in the crosswords! It was challenging and rewarding to get the answers right.
      Hope this helps!

      Oh, and you are going to love Prima Latina. It was my first exposure to learning Latin and I'm so thankful it was slow and steady. It definitely put our family on the right track to investing in Latin as a family (and helped this mama not be so intimidated!).
      Festina lentē,
      Jessica P

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        I just did the flashcards for Prima. A notebook is a good idea as well.

        By First Form you might want to complete the workbook, but you should be good this year.