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Multiple grade levels question from newbie

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  • KF2000
    Good morning! You have really great questions, and are correct in my opinion...MP is fantastic!

    We have always been in the tight budget category, so I know the pressure that adds. I will say, to me, MP has the best plan out there, so you are not wasting money on time filling activities. Every component has its role to play, and there is no fluff. It took me time to realize that, as sometimes I did not "get" the point of something at first glance. I have always ended up realizing the value eventually, so cut as few corners as you possibly can!

    For your older ones, your sixth grader could start First Form, but it is usually a bit much for a fourth grader with no latin background. By keeping them together on Latin, all three of you could begin the Latin journey together, which I think will be more successful for you in the long run. So I would suggest you start in Latina Christiana I, and move to First Form the following year. LC will still be a good amount of work, it will introduce you to Latin in a manageable way, and even your oldest will have time to get through all four Forms books with a couple years of translating in high school. You would just need one set of materials, with an extra student book for your fourth grader, and yourself if you can follow along.

    Another really helpful book for Latina Christiana is the LC Review Worksheets book. It adds more exercises, and is really really valuable. The text itself only has one page of practice; so don't skip getting the Review Worksheets. I would even say, if you need to cut, cut the dvds over the worksheet book. You can lead the lesson, and manage without the dvds. I had to do that and we made it!

    Classical Studies focuses on learning the three cultures that are the foundation of western Civilization...Greece, Hebrews, and Rome. Hebrew history is covered through the four volume Christian Studies series, in which students study the Bible. Classical Studies is focused on the Greek and Roman veins, through the Famous Men series and the Dorothy Mills series. You can do these courss as listed for the grades, or begin on a course for the older two together.

    Yes, to a certain extent the older grades are more independent. There are teaching suggestions in the front of the teacher's guides and the lesson plans which help flesh out for you what you should still be doing with them.

    For your younger two, combining would help with both time and budget. Given that MP is very thorough, and very writing focused, especially starting in third grade, my opinion would be to lean on your younger child's side of things, rather than try to bring the younger one along too soon. So if you use K as your core, you have a lot of great books to be reading together, which a lot of people have been able to find at their libraries, and you can have your first grader doing their own New American Cursive, copybook, and math. In fact, both K and First use Rod and Staff First grade math, so they would seem like they were doing it together anyway. And just getting the first grade lesson plan book to help you with those few changes would be an easy add-on. You would not need to write in it, just use to follow along, and then you have it when theh are doing first grade as their core.

    I hope that helps a bit...we have to scoot to get to morning Mass, but there are a lot of Primary school users here, so I am sure there will be lots more help comingbyour way!
    Sarah (mom to seven, with five cores on the docket for next year!)

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  • eldhall
    started a topic Multiple grade levels question from newbie

    Multiple grade levels question from newbie


    I am wondering how to implement this program over several different grade levels? I currently have K5, 1st, 4th, and 6th grades I will be teaching. While we have educated for the past several years with a classical focus, I am wanting a curriculum to ensure there are no gaps left by me in their learning. As I look at the MP materials, I can't help but think they are fantastic! I am on a very tight budget and so was looking for suggestions on possibly combining instruction of the younger and older two or sharing materials? While I would love for each child to have their own set of curriculum that just isn't possible for us right now. In addition, I have never begun Latin instruction in earnest and was wondering if the 4th and 6th grader could do the First Form Latin together? Classical studies is also new to us is that the same thing as Bible? Is the program somewhat independent at the upper levels (4th and 6th) as I know the K/1st grade will be very teacher dependent. How long does the average day take? Sorry for all the questions, just trying to think of a way to make all this work.

    Thanks for any help!