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Where to start a 4th grader in Grammar Recitation

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    Where to start a 4th grader in Grammar Recitation


    We are new to Memoria Press and while we aren't using the complete curriculum, I'm pretty sure we will be using a lot of the curriculum this coming year for my new 4th grader (Classical Composition, Classical Studies, Grammar, Literature). I'm wondering about grammar placement: should I stick with the English Grammar Recitation workbook two as listed in the 4th grade curriculum? Or do we need to go back to workbook one so she does not miss anything? She is coming out of public school, so I don't have any other grammar to compare it with, although she does have a great grasp of grammar at the moment.

    Thank you!

    As with Latin, the grammar course is cumulative....So you would want to begin at the beginning in Workbook I, which is an easy switch.

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      To tag on with my Latina Christiana recommendation on the other thread, I'll point out that English Grammar Recitation 1 is made to be used with Latina Christiana 1! There will be beautiful synergy between those two if you decide to go with LC1!
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        Thanks so much, everyone, that helps a lot with the decision. We will also be going through Famous Men of Rome, and it seems like all three work well together (LC1, Recitation and Famous Men). I am far too excited about getting started on all of this!