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    Our teachers cut the Common Birds book up and use those photos for flashcards. Do the Sibley cards have all the birds that we need in the set?

    We use the cd that comes with Common Birds or an online source in the classroom to test the students on the bird songs.



      The Sibley card set contains all of the birds except the Herring Gull.
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        Thanks Tanya- I will test with our bird songs CD.

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          This is also a great resource: Bird Songs: 250 North American Bird in Song

          It has a built in MP3 recording of each bird. They're not exactly the same as the songs mentioned in the Bird Study as they are sometimes other parts of each bird's known songs, but the kids love this book. I finally got it used in hardback from Amazon. Just make sure if you do order one the built-in sound player still works. This would make a great birthday or Christmas present.
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            Thanks Jessica!

            I just looked it up and amazon has a kindle version, which might be a good version for us. I will definitely keep it in mind. One of the things that I don't like about our CDs is that I have to hunt for each bird. I like the idea that I could look at the picture, click on the song, and hear it right then and there. It sounds like this might offer that.

            Cincinnati, OH

            DS-10, DD-8, DS-7


              Which did you like better?

              Originally posted by Enigma View Post
              I have bird obsessed kids. I admit it. G and D saw the MP Bird set and want to use it this year. Is this doable for their ages? Anyone who has used the study please share your experiences. {Save me from Apologia Zoo 1 again! Please! I beg you! }
              Hi Enigma,

              I've been debating about MP's Bird and Insect studies or the Apologia Flying Creatures. I see that you have done/in process of both and wondered what your review of the 2 different studies. Everyone around me loves the Apologia curriculum, but MP looks so neat and I love their products. I would love any imput you would be willing to share.