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Memoria Press/ LCC blog roll???

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    Memoria Press/ LCC blog roll???

    Our family has been using the core packages for the last two school years. We love the materials and the lesson plans. I finally (after many years of trial and error) have found a educational path that I feel I can invest in and recommend to other families whole-heartedly. I have found a great wealth of information and inspiration here on the forum, at the MP and HLS sites and in the Classical Teacher. I have read Climbing Parnassas and The Latin Centered Curriculum as well.

    I am searching for resources to share with other homeschool moms (other than those listed above) that are considering MP/LCC and feel overwhelmed by the implementation and scope of this amazing curriculum. Do any of you experienced MP users have homeschool blogs of your own that are public? I keep searching for LCC blogs and haven't found many at all. I feel like blogs can be a great resource in providing a "slice of life" for the way different families make it all work.

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    The MP Blog Roll - has been edited to be continuous, so please ignore the date in the link.
    Margaret of Georgia, in west TN – Enginerd’s wife and Mama

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    Memoria Scholé Academy
    Blog: Creative Madness Mama
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      Thanks for the link.