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    Placement Questions...


    We are new to Memoria Press. We are currently using (mostly) Kolbe Academy and are switching over this upcoming fall. We are using Rod and Staff for grammar and math. I have a few questions about placement. Our 6 year old daughter is currently following along with her brothers in their 2nd grade curriculum. How do MP and Kolbe grades compare? Should I move our daughter into MP's 3rd grade or place her into the 2nd grade? Will our boys have troubles advancing into MP's 3rd grade?

    One more question
    We also have a daughter who will be turning 5 in September. She can do mental adding and subtracting, recognizes her letters and knows the letter sounds. We were going to place her in MP's K core. However, because she is a young 5, I'm wondering if we should place her in the JrK core. Any thoughts?

    Thank you for any thoughts/suggestions!
    Many Blessings,

    Welcome, Michelle!

    So glad to have you with MP in the fall and here now!

    It sounds like your boys will be able to do third grade, just plan to take it slow the first few weeks to find the rhythm. We came new to MP at third grade from Sonlight (so very, very different!) and it took a bit, but my young third grader found his stride once we figured out what was expected. If they are slow writers, they will need to ramp up to the writing expected as it is required in most subjects. You can mix in some dictation or discussion when needed to lighten the load. I will say third grade is a great grade to come to MP as it's the beginning of several sequential studies. You are right on time!

    (An extra little tidbit on third grade--you might consider purchasing two third grade lesson plans (only $30 extra) and let each of them use one as their daily assignment book. I give my kids the lesson plan book so they know what work to do and they check it off as completed. It's a great end-of-year resource to show their work. Just a thought!)

    I would put your 6 year old in second grade. Third in MP is a huge jump, going from the K-2 Primary block into the 3-6 Grammar School block. She will love the second grade package--it's wonder-filled. And, this will help her avoid hitting the older material too soon. With MP, there is no rush whatsoever. She can listen in to the read-alouds and overhear their Latin.

    For the little one, it sounds like K would be appropriate for her. Jr. K is only scheduled for 2 days per week and involves lots of discussion of wonderful books and poems, but which you are probably doing with your family already in the course of the HS day.

    That's how your situation strikes me and I'm sure others will chime in and perhaps catch something I've missed. I hope you figure out a great fit for your family and welcome again!
    Festina lentē,
    Jessica P

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      I just wanted to say, "Welcome." I am new to MP as well and also came from using Kolbe for the first four years of our homeschooling. You have found a wonderful community in this forum.


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        The early years of MP look relatively simple due to the strong focus on the 3 R's, but there is a steep ramp-up starting in 3rd grade. While it can be difficult to imagine where your kids will be when they reach 7th grade, I encourage you to look ahead to the 7th grade core where students read 'The Iliad' and 'The Odyssey' and to the 8th grade core where they read 'The Aeneid'. Kolbe does not schedule these items until the 9th and 10th grades respectively. If you start her in the 3rd grade core this year, she would reach these books at 10. Not that you can't slow her down before she gets there, but know that many people use the cores a grade behind so that they don't reach these books until 8th grade.

        MP is very flexible. They will customize your package and substitute almost anything so don't feel like you are locked into everything in a core.
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          Agree with the Kinder placement.
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            Thank you for the warm welcome and for your thoughts/recommendations about which core to place our children in. We will definitely be placing our 5 year old in the kindergarten core.

            After talking more last night, and looking more at the cores, I think we've decided to put the other 3 in the second grade core. It should be the correct placement for our advanced daughter and a good fit for our boys. They do well academically, but starting them in a core lower will be a good introduction to how MP works before it begins to get real tough. It will also be easier on me to teach the 3 of them together

            Thank you again!! We are excited to begin this journey.


              I know I am joining this coversation late, and you have gotten such great advice already. I just wanted to say that since I am currently slowing three of my children down so their ages match their grades better, I think your decision to start with second is super! I absolutely love MP for that reason....there is so much in their curriculum that there is really no need to be in a rush. I hope you all have a great year!

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                When I switched to MP 2 years ago I had a boy starting 2nd and a boy starting 3rd. I chose to just keep them at grade level with Core 2 and 3(Except my 3rd grader started with Prima-I believe now LC1 would have been the better fit for him though). We were previously doing My Father's World which is pretty weak compared to MP. However my 3rd grader was able to do Core 3 fine so if you feel your boys do well academically don't count out Core 3. Core 2 was a little harder for my 2nd son to adjust to but he was a later reader and I don't think I realized his capability at that point so I didn't push him hard enough. He excelled at Core 3 this year though because I knew what I expected! I personally would not prefer to have 3 in one core. (But I don't have twins!) I feel that MP is very grade level appropriate if you are looking for a rigorous program. Just give yourself a little grace when you first start and you will be fine.
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