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my 3rd grade lesson plans are packed away and I have a ?

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    my 3rd grade lesson plans are packed away and I have a ?

    Is the timeline and poetry program scheduled in the lesson plans or do I need to figure out when to add them in?

    Mom to DD-13 and DD-8.5
    3rd and 8th grade (2014-2015)

    You need to add them, if memory serves. The poetry is occasionally listed with the book tha it comes from within literature, but you need to be working at them separately.

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      I think we have the poetry added in with the literature lesson plans, but the Timeline is not planned out in the curriculum guides. We get enough questions about that to make me think we need to add it. I'll put that on my winter list. The idea is that you will add the new timeline dates as you come across them in your studies. But it would be easier if we reminded you to look for them.




        Yes, poetry is pretty easy to catch as it's usually listed with the Literature assignment. Timeline varies from text to text. There are only 11 dates for all of third grade and they are coming primarily from Bible and Read-alouds (3 from American History) so they're not too much to juggle. You can find the complete year's list on pg. 11 of your Timeline Handbook.

        Tanya, I love the idea of throwing in a little asterisk or something in the lesson plan as a reminder to add something to the timeline. Great idea!
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          Thank you! I will make sure I put a star in my plans where appropriate as a reminder!
          Mom to DD-13 and DD-8.5
          3rd and 8th grade (2014-2015)